• Sketch: $5
  • Lineart: +$5
  • Base Color: +$5
  • Cell Shaded: +$5
  • Digital Painting: $+15
  • Per Extra Character: $+5 (or +$10 for a complex character/monster)
  • With Background: $10-100 based on complexity;
    As a rule of thumb, a $10 background would either be a simple indoor setting (say a living room) or a simple surreal background, a more realistic background with a provided reference that can be traced/stylized would be $20, a more realistic background that has to be drawn from no reference $30-$40, complicated landscapes or cityscapes without a reference $50-$70, and a realistic landscape or cityscape that has to be stylized to be fantastic or science-fiction would be $80-$100.
  • Style: +$15 if you want me to emulate a specific style, +$50 if you want "more realistic," -10% if you just let me "have fun with it."
  • Size: My standard size to work in is 8"x11" (A4) at 600 dpi (~4,800x6,600 pixels) just as a matter of professionality and to produce high quality work. I can do up to 24"x36" @ 600 dpi reliably for a fee of +$20. I can't promise my computer can handle anything much bigger, and if I'm able we'll have to negotiate a fee for the larger size.

  • Doodle Dump/Character Study: $20 for six sketches;
    Special bulk option if you just want some loose concepts of a character or want several little sketches, but you're not worried about them being a cohesive composition. Character studies can include random poses, T-poses (for animation or 3D reference), expressions, gear and equipment, etc. Whatever you need to have for character reference.
  • +$3 for each extra sketch
  • +$3 for each inked sketch
  • +$3 for each colored sketch
  • +$3 for each shaded sketch
  • +$6 for each painted sketch

  • 128x128 pixels or smaller: $12 per frame
  • Larger than 128x128 pixels: +$12 per extra 100 pixels in either dimension beyond 100x100 pixels per frame;
    For example, the image shown above is 200x200, so it's an extra charge of $12 for being between 100 pixels and 200 pixels wide and another extra charge for being between 100 pixels and 200 pixels high. If it were 201x201 pixels, that would be another $12 charge for each dimension all the way up to 300x300 pixels.
  • Animations, Sprite Sheets, and Tilesets:
    • Special bulk ordering for pixel art. I can deliver the final results as either animated gifs, a single bitmap sheet (probably a .png unless you have a special preference), or a series of bitmaps in a .zip file. For tilesets I will combine all different sizes of objects/frames for your convenience. It really comes down to the needs for your game and how your work flow is set up.
    • 16+ frames: 10% off
    • 30+ frames: 15% off
    • 60+ frames: 20% off
  • I can also offer freehand animation soon! More details about that coming in the future, but if you're interested now I can see what I can do.

Bulk Orders and Contracts

  • If you would like a larger order of drawings or wish to provide constant work for me (i.e. do some/most/all the graphics for your game, draw the comic you're writing, illustrate your book, design several website graphics, etc.) I am willing to negotiate discounts or a long term contract of regular payments for my services.
  • For full disclosure: I would consider a bulk order to be several pieces (let's say five or more) pieces ordered at one time that you want done as soon as possible (with the understanding that the larger an order is, the longer it will take between regular smaller orders). On the other hand, I would consider a contract where you expect to need my services over a long period of time (two or more months) and essentially need me on call to do a predetermined amount of work per month and, therefore, are willing to pay me a flat rate per month for my services.

Special Fees

  • NSFW: +$20;
    I have no problems with taking commissions for explicit, excessively violent, or fetishistic requests with the exception of obvious illegal examples and anything that propagates hate or disenfranchisement to a certain group of people. However, since I will be posting the large majority of my commissions in order to advertise to future potential clients and I won't really be able to advertise with NSFW commissions, I need the extra fee to recoup the loss.
  • Logo or Reproduction Rights: +$100;
    If you intend to use the commission you're ordering for a logo or a reproduced good (t-shirt, poster, stickers, coloring book, etc.) you will have to pay me a fee for the reproduction license. I don't expect or want continued royalties off of your product (unless you really want to haggle me down from this fee), but as my commissions are primarily intended for either art enthusiasts or to be used as assets in a larger work of their own effort, I don't condone ordering a commission from me and then just turning around and selling it for a profit without any kind of compensation.
  • Exclusivity Rights: +$100;
    By default I will be reposting the lion's share of the commissions ordered from me in order to advertise to potential future clients and to expand my portfolio. If you would like the exclusive rights to post/use a commission publicly, you will have to by a license for exclusivity. Please keep in mind that in my private portfolio and to potential clients in a private setting, I may still present it for the purposes of demonstrating competency at a style or technique or to claim credit for work I did.
  • Original Files: +$100;
    Upon completion, depending on the type of commission ordered, I can deliver a .png, .jpeg, .gif, .pdf, etc. type of single layered file for your own personal use. If you would like the original layered file in addition to the single layer export (i.e. .psd and file types like that) in order to edit and manipulate it yourself, you will have to pay a fee for it.


  • Once we agree upon the final price for your commission, I expect half of the cost up front before I begin working UNLESS you have only ordered a sketch, in which case I will need the full amount up front. (The reason for this is that upon starting, I will send sketches and minor updates to you to make sure the commission is moving in the right direction, which could potentially lead someone running off with a sketch for half price).
  • If you are ordering bulk or are asking for a contract, we can negotiate what the initial installment will be and how often future installments will be payed out.
  • I currently can ONLY accept payments through Paypal. No Exceptions.


  • Please allow for at least one week (seven days) for your commission to be fully processed and completed, and if you are ordering something more complicated or several pieces understand that it will likely take significantly longer than that.
  • Upon agreeing upon the price and recieving an initial payment, I will send you a rough sketch as soon as possible so we can make sure the piece is coming along as you expected it to.
  • Upon completing your order, I will send you a low res copy of the final draft for review and approval and send the full res copy upon recieving the full payment.
  • For bulk and contract orders, we can discuss what kind of delivery schedule would be realistic and most beneficial for both of us.
  • Unfortunately right now I can only do digital delivery and make no guarantee about the possibility or quality of printed/physical orders. If you are dead set on having a physical copy of your commission, we can discuss what kind of printing and shipping fees would be involved.

Example Commissions