Hello World!

Wed, 19 Apr 17 18:30:13 +0000


Hello and welcome, Internet! It’s that time yet again when I attempt to relaunch my website and business to become super duper internet famous!

Yes, for those of you who are returning fans (read: friends, family, acquaintances… and my mother, mostly) I’m finally relaunching AniMerrill Productions hopefully for good and have recently started working on some smaller game projects. I’m getting this site up to be ready for Ludum Dare 38 this weekend, which is one of the bigger internet game jams one can participate in. For those that don’t know, a Game Jam is a competition where you get 48 hours (some of the smaller ones give you a week as a consideration for people who work or don’t have a “weekend” of free time) or so to make whatever you can make based on a theme and then you submit whatever you’re able to make by the end! Ludum Dare starts this Friday night and ends Sunday night, so you can check here for updates on that! Right now the final theme voting is under way and I am both anxious and incredibly excited.

I am also announcing a new creative partner for AniMerrill Productions who will be helping make music for my projects here as well as helping me come up with a lot of the content for the early projects we have planned, Jimmy “Young Pup” Zagorsky! You can find all of our social links and whatnot on the About page.

As you can see (or not if you’re reading this on a social media page) that this site is very bare bones and still heavily under construction. I’m hoping to get things finished up by the time we release our first game later this year (teased above in the image) so there will be full features for interacting with me, Jimmy, and other readers here as well as just… generally being prettier.

As a bit of an aside, let me just address people who used to follow me when this was a blog or a comic or just people who know me personally. Last couple years have definitely been a couple of the toughest for me, and a variety of stressful experiences and work in general really drained me and made me kind of creatively stagnant. But as of a month or so ago, I’ve somehow managed to get a lot of stuff done. It might not look like much, but this website and the game featured above actually took a long time to do backend stuff and I feel pretty proud of being able to get it done. Things really seem to be going okay lately and I’m out of that rut.

Thank you all for reading this and I look forward to making games for you very soon!

~AniMerrill, a.k.a. Ethan Merrill