Ludum Dare 38: 48 hours down

Sun, 23 Apr 17 02:24:54 +0000

Two whole days since the jam begun and things have really shaped up! I think originally I might have said… somewhere, on some site… that Ludum Dare ended tonight. That’s only true if you’re participating in the “Compo,” the hardcore version of LD, which we automatically disqualify for due to us being a team. Anywho, here are some updated screenshots from the game featuring a couple actual levels that show up. As of today I have 15 done. I’m sort of torn between finishing all 20 that I originally planned or spending the last few hours I have tomorrow (the Jam ends at 9pm but… uh, I have work) polishing up and adding a little more art just to really tie the game’s concept together. We’ll see!

Once it’s done I’ll be posting both an HTML 5 version on my website and a PC version on I’ll have links and everything though so don’t worry about it heh.

Until tomorrow!