Our LD38 Entry: Boardom

Tue, 25 Apr 17 18:30:13 +0000


Hello everyone! This post is a day late but I was dead tired yesterday and needed to rest, but our Ludum Dare 38 entry “Boardom” is now up! You can play it on the site or download the PC version and source code here. I made pretty much the whole game during the first 48 hours but, as per the rules of the Jam, we got the extra day to polish up and post it. Fifteen levels, cool puzzles, get hyped heh.

Also, on the news page you can now read and link to individual entries and ~drumroll~ ADD COMMENTS! I know, super basic functionality that I just bothered to finish lol. The site uses Disqus for the comment service so you should be able to post via any social networking account instead of needing to make an account on my site or with them. Let me know if you have any problems (you can find my social media contacts on the About page). I will probably add comments later on to the game page itself, but I don’t want to effect the link to the game until after the voting is done for Ludum Dare (April 28 to May 16 is what they’re saying right now).

These last couple weeks rushing around to get everything done- this website and the game -have certainly been tiring but some of the most empowering work I’ve made in a long time. The feeling you know you CAN make a full- albeit sort- game in only 48 hours only reinforces the fact that you could do a lot better without the time limit for a bigger better project. And that’s exactly what we have planned. I don’t know when we’ll have a proper update or announcement for what our longer term project is, but we had a decent prototype of something we were brewing up before Ludum Dare. After I get some rest and play some of the other fantastic looking LD games, you can bet that I’ll be putting in some crazy hours trying to get our next game to a state where we can start revealing info about it.

Thanks to all the people who reached out, encouraged, and talked to me over the jam! It’s been nice to have the support. More from us soon!

~AniMerrill, a.k.a. Ethan Merrill