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Hi! Welcome to my website, which is eternally under construction.

My name is AniMerrill, a.k.a. Ethan Merrill, and I am an artist and a game developer. My current focus is to start motivating myself to work on and complete more game projects, even if they're smaller ones. Over the next few months I am going to be seeking out game jams (short term "competitions" where you have to complete a game in a limited time period) and I thought a good idea might be to stream and record some of this process.

I definitely don't want to discount the material that is available out there, as I am not an expert and definitely don't want to present myself as an authority, but a lot of tutorials and educational materials online for game development... well they're a bit lacking. Almost all of them only try to teach you one thing at a time, you get a neat little toolkit of a bunch of different ideas but you never really learn how to put them together. Game development is often not about just trying to piece together a jigsaw puzzle of technical ideas you've collected over the course of your life, it's a holistic process where you have to be able to manage and build entire systems - usually from scratch.

I don't think I can promise this will be peak entertainment or the best way to learn for anybody just starting out from a beginner standpoint, I'm simply not qualified, but I think this could be a good learning experience for all of us. Through the struggles over the coming months, I can at least give you a genuine look into what it really takes to make a game. The ups, the downs, the brick walls, and the triumphs (hopefully).

If you'd like to stay in touch or stay up to date on when I've got new stuff coming out, check out my social media links below. If you'd like to support me, consider buying me a coffee on Ko-fi or dropping a few pennies on one of my game projects. The projects I do for this challenge will all be MIT license open source projects in the Godot Engine, updated to Github live as I'm working on them, and it's my way of trying to give back to the open source community. But even so, any support you give will help me keep making cool stuff for you.

Let's make something great together!

~AniMerrill, a.k.a. Ethan Merrill

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Email: ethan@animerrill.com